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Holiday Weekend DUI Warning

As we approach the Holiday Weekend, Officials are reminding you about the dangers of Drinking and Driving. Here’s more on how you can be safe during this weekend.

According to State Trooper Rom Chewning, last year there were over 1,000 DUI arrests and 156 DUI Crashes. In our viewing area, Troop C covers Elk, Jefferson and Clearfield counties. Trooper Ron Chewning of Troop C saying: “DUI arrests have been trending upward, DUI crashes thankfully are trending downward. That is probably being contributed to the arrests being increased.”

With the holiday weekend, Chewning says there will be an increased police presence. Trooper Chewning adding: “We always have increased patrols during the holiday trying to make sure the public is safe.” Chewning reminds drivers to slow down, drive while sober and to follow all traffic laws.

The dangers of drinking and driving can not only be deadly but costly. Trooper Chewning, in closing: “Driving under the influence can definitely result in a loss of driver’s license privileges as well as fines, court costs possible attorney fees.”

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