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Holiday Pets

It happens each year over the holidays. Animals given as gifts. Unfortunately, many of those pets find themselves in a shelter looking for a new home.

Douglas Braff visited an animal shelter in Blair County today to learn more about this issue.

Each year for the holidays, many folks will get themselves or somebody else, a pet dog. However, each year after the holidays, animal shelters say many surrender these dogs to shelters,
but we get probably at least double our intake than normal.

Heather Schneider, a Central Humane Society shelter manager, tells me they see this influx between mid-January and the end of February.

“Many headlines told stories of people who got an animal during COVID, only to surrender them once restrictions were lifted.”

With that, Snyder expects many pets to be surrendered again this year. While a lot of the animals that are given away were given as gifts.

So this is why we do not adopt animals out to be guests here at the shelter and with gifting animals come issues.

“When you give an animal as a gift, the people can always take care of it. They they don’t always want it. They have unrealistic expectations. Some people give animals to kids as gifts,
and once the kids kind of lose interest, there’s nobody to really care for the animals that the parents don’t step up.”

Shelter say dogs are usually surrendered to shelters more often than cats. However, Snyder says there are often too many to take in.

“We can only take in so many because of our means, but we get several calls. We have to turn way to other places, other shelters, other rescues.
Just because we can’t we can’t handle the the big number of people that want to surrender their animals after the Christmas holidays.”

This sharply dressed puppy was someone’s Christmas gift last month, but Duke is ten months old. Was surrender to the Humane Society shortly after the holidays.

“You should really think about the decision because a dog or a cat bringing them into your family is a lot like term time commitment.”

It could be ten to 20 years”

To Adopt, the little fellow like Duke. Here, please go to

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