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High School Football Helmet Safety

As the high school football postseason nears its end, checking helmets for damage after every season is important for player safety.

School athletic officials say that they make sure to get ahead of the game on reconditioning football helmets for their athletes safety after an investigation found that many schools nationwide have not replace some helmets in over ten years, as recommended by the CDC.

We then reached out to districts in our area. Overall, they tend to get the helmets checked and repaired every season. They also tend to replace helmets every few years.

Scott Devore, the athletic trainer of 29 years at State College Area School District, says safety is the highest priority of our helmets weekly.

“So I check our helmets weekly, I get out of line and check everybody’s helmets. So we re-air them every game just to make sure it’s more like a preventative measure for concussion. So someone do it for years.


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