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Hidden Valley Speedway Crash

A Race Car Driver and two Staffers were injured in a crash Saturday at the Hidden Valley Speedway in Clearfield County. During the closing laps of Saturday night’s Street Stock Feature, a crash happened injuring three people. Raymond Reynolds was battling another Driver for a position when he spun out of control towards the Infield and at a high-speed hit a nearby utility pole. On a mound near the pole, a father and son, Kenny and Kinser Mayhew, were working as a Flagman and Photographer when they were injured.

All three people involved were transported to the hospital after the accident. Kinser was released from the hospital with a broken collarbone, and so was Reynolds. Kenny was flown to UPMC Altoona, and is suffering from a fractured back, broken ribs, and had surgery Sunday morning on his hand. His son posted an update to Facebook Sunday afternoon saying: “Just got news about my Father’s condition, it is worse than they thought. He has blood in his lungs and his back is fractured. They’re not sure if he’ll fully recover or if his condition will get worse but they’re doing everything they can.”

Hidden Valley Officials say they plan to keep everyone updated on the condition of Kenny as more information becomes available.

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