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Heyward Talks about Steelers

In the last two defeats, it’s pretty plain and simple for the Pittsburgh Steelers, 30 plus points yielded to the Chargers and Bengals each, and despite the injuries and COVID issues.

That’s just not quite good enough. Captain Cam Heyward knows that he himself, however, played very well this year, but he’s just one guy on a full unit, so it’s not where it needs to

It’s a fluid process, Heyward said.

“There will be no more talk of music in practice. It’s time to get rid of that, and it’s time to buckle down because the Ravens and their Lamar Jackson led run game are no joke.
It’s time to return to the basics, be more technically sound and most importantly, go back to the roots of Steeler football, and that is physicality scored.
It comes down to technique and, you know, getting off blocks, being physical at the point of attack, understanding alignment, execution.”

“You can’t really substitute anything for physicality. I know we had a day of pads, but for us, we have to, you know, preach the little things because it’s the little things that are
getting us be running to the ball, understanding if someone does make a mistake having other guys, they’re accountable for it.”

“You know, it takes eleven guys on defense to be a good defense. It doesn’t take one guy doesn’t take two guys. It’s got to take the old team playing a lot better.”

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