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Health Officials Split on 3rd Vaccine Shot

Getting another dose of vaccine is now a very likely possibility. Top Health Officials in the Biden Administration are coalescing around an agreement that most Americans who received 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna should also get a third COVID shot.

However, as vaccines remain in short supply in other parts of the world, others saying not so fast. The World Health Organization says the 2-dose MRNA Vaccines provide long-lasting immunity and will not change its recommendation unless the science says otherwise. Doctors on the front lines say their urgent need is for more people to simply get their first shots.

Maria Van Kerkhove of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme saying: “All of the world’s most vulnerable and those who are most at risk, health workers need to receive their first and second doses before large proportions of the population or all of the population in some countries receive that third dose.”

President Biden is expected to speak about COVID-19 Vaccine Booster shots from the White House on Wednesday.

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