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Health Officials Emphasize Child Vaccinations

Health Officials are emphasizing the importance of getting your Child vaccinated the moment they become available. To date, Officials say about 300 Children have died from Coronavirus since the start of the Pandemic and one local Pediatrician says because of this, it is unfair to downplay the affects the Virus can have on Children.

Pediatricians are now recommending mask wearing for Children who return to School in the Fall, regardless of Vaccination status. But Locally, some Schools have still decided to ditch the mask, and let families decide for themselves. Officials say this is concerning because kids can help spread the Virus to other vulnerable or unvaccinated people.

Dr. Swathi Gowtham, a Geisinger Infectious Disease Pediatrician saying: “Masking remains an important part of preventing infections, particularly for the unvaccinated. Mainly the cases of COVID were seeing right now is mainly within the unvaccinated groups, and that mainly includes children under the age of 12, but even above that age we don’t have the same percentages. For example, the percentage of adolescents who have gotten their vaccine who are eligible is only 20%”

Health Officials hope to have the Vaccine available to those under 12-years-old by the end of the year.

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