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Guns and TSA

The Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Association and U.S. attorney’s offices across the Commonwealth have a warning for passengers with guns. In a Facebook post, the Centre County Sheriff’s Office said the TSA is on track to seize a record number of guns this year, and most of them are loaded.

Dylan Huberman spoke with officials to learn how it’s supposed to be done.

“No, there’s no reason for someone to have a loaded gun trying to go through screening,”

According to the TSA website. 4495 passengers had been stopped with guns at TSA checkpoints in 2021.

As of October third, breaking a 20 year record for reference, five firearms per million passengers were seized in 2019. This year, it’s eleven October through December. Not even included. If you want to travel with a weapon this holiday season, don’t put it in a carry on.

“All weapons, guns, knives would have to be in a checked bag. And each airline has their own procedures or what they like to see when checking a weapon. It does need to be logged. Needs to be unloaded.”

“Not only do they need to be checked, but they also need to be away from ammunition.”

“The ammo and the gun is separated and they need to be in locked cases within the suitcase or its own gun case. That is lockable. And if your gun is seized at a checkpoint. In most cases, they don’t get the gun back”

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