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Grim COVID-19 Milestone

The U.S. has reached another Grim Milestone. COVID-19 cases topping One Million in the first five days of December. It comes ahead of an expected surge in cases following the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The latest wave of COVID-19 is taking a devastating toll in the U.S. with more than one million people diagnosed with the Virus in the last five days alone. Across the Country, the number of people hospitalized topped 100,000 for a fourth straight day. Cases are rising across the Country. At least four States reported record numbers of new cases on Saturday. In California, some 33-Million people will be under some sort of mandated Government lockdown by Sunday night. Restrictions implemented as ICU bed capacity dipped below the 15% threshold set by Governor Gavin Newsom. Those lockdowns expected to last at least three weeks.

Officials in Colorado are warning of a dangerous December. With 1-in-40 Coloradans already infected with the Coronavirus. This before the vast majority of Thanksgiving cases have even come in. As the number of cases and deaths escalate, so does the pressure being put on the Medical system and those working to save lives. With Holiday preparations already underway and expected to ramp up in the coming week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a simple plea Saturday. Urging people on Twitter to “Just wear the mask.”

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