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Greater Johnstown YMCA

The Greater Johnstown YMCA has welcomed people through its doors for 150 years. When the coronavirus pandemic forced the Y to close, open, then close and re-open once more. Staff weren’t sure how many years it had left

“I’ve been involved with the Y for a long long time and its helped me through many bad times and I know the Y is like my second family and I can’t say enough about the Y”

Others must have felt the same Greater Johnstown YMCA CEO Sean Seabring says memberships, which help keep the lights on have been steady

“We started to get memberships new memberships in, that was a decision that we made to go ahead and accept new memberships there are many facilities that are not doing that yet. but we decided that we have an opportunity to do it
safely we’ve been very conscious of what we’re doing ”

Since our story aired about the potential permanent closures Seabring says members have also made donations and the 1889 foundation will support several programs in 2021

“We’re really excited for the opportunity of the future. spent the last couple of months really focusing on our mission, which is to put christian principals into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body
for all. ”

Members say they’re grateful they still have a place to workout and much more.

“People come and they make friends and some people just come for the camaraderie and they do the class and then everyone gets to know each other and they celebrate birthday’s together they go out to lunch. it’s just a nice social aspect as well as a physical aspect. ”


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