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Greater Johnstown School District Superintendent Update

Teachers at Greater Johnstown are calling out the administration regarding the uptick of violence in the district.

At Tuesday Night’s school board meeting members of the Greater Johnstown Education Association Union announced that they voted No Confidence in Superintendent Dr. Amy Arcurio and Director of Special Education Amie Lumadue.

One representative said they’re calling for more discipline and the enforcement of the code of conduct to combat the rise in weapons, threats, assaults, and behavior problems.

Nancy Behe the President of the Teacher’s Union writing in part

“We have teachers out on worker’s compensation due to injuries sustained related to student violence. What kind of message does that send to other students that follow the rules?”

“We want to preserve the acceptable behaviors that the majority of students display daily and deter unacceptable behaviors with consequences.”

At the school board meeting Dr. Arcurio addressed these concerns saying the school district does not have enough funding to meet student needs.

Dr. Arcurio cited the pandemic for heightened anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration among the students.

She reminded teachers that they are in the middle of a lawsuit against the commonwealth regarding the need to fairly fund their schools.

Here’s what she said when we spoke to her this afternoon.

“We are hopeful that our future changes, and that our funding changes, so that we are not feeling divided and strained by the fact that we just really do not have enough money in our school district, coming to our school district, every year, to meet the challenges that our students bring to us.”

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