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Greater Johnstown Middle School Pride Pantry

The Greater Johnstown Middle Schools soon see healthy snacks during the school day. The brand new Pride Pantry was unveiled today by the Cambria County Backpack Project.

Organizers say hunger can prevent a student from focusing and therefore having food helps them learn.

“Our teachers would be instructed that if they’re able to identify any signs of immediate hunger in a student just to call down to my room, right the kid a pass to come down,
pick whatever snack they want, if not, if we can identify kids in the cafeteria that look like they might be in need of some additional foods,
we can discreetly call them down to our room without putting any extra attention on them so that we don’t have to feel self-conscious.”

The Pride Pantry is made possible through a grant from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and it’s the very first snack pantry of its kind in this area.

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