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Greater Johnstown High School Students Face Charges

Two Greater Johnstown high school students are facing criminal charges after a TikTok video allegedly showed one of them throwing a Christmas tree down a stairwell, authorities say.

The video, which was originally posted to TikTok before being shared across various other social media platforms, appears to show the boy rip the tree from its stand and then toss it over a railing and down some stairs.

Superintendent Amy Arcurio said school officials were made immediately aware of the incident and the incident was captured in real-time by the school’s security cameras.

“We were immediately aware of this disheartening and quite frankly, disgusting event that occurred last week,” Arcurio said.

She said high school administration and the school resource officer quickly responded to the incident.

Arcurio said parents were notified, the code of conduct was enforced and all possible criminal charges were filed on the actor and the individual who filmed and posted the video.

“The actions of two students does not represent the students at our high school,” Arcurio said. “It saddens me that this story is featured as this gives these misguided TikTokers the attention they desperately crave.”

She said Greater Johnstown students have been involved with numerous holiday events over the past two weeks.

The school’s Interact club promoted the 12 Acts of Kindness which branched out to support many organizations and residents in the city.

Greater Johnstown again supported the Santa Fund event at First Summit Arena.

The Key Club held their 11th Annual Trojan Family Christmas dinner Tuesday night which organizers say hosted over 300 community members.

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