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Greater Johnstown High School Safety

Concern over fan and student safety at an upcoming high school football game.

The Johnstown School District sent out a letter addressing it’s increased security measures this season following a fight at the home opener.

The Trojans host the McCort-Carroll football team tomorrow. And today, Bishop McCort released a letter encouraging its students to attend a watch party at its high school instead of going to the game.

“We just started this school year with metal detectors at sporting events.”

Arcurio tells me medal detectors have been added in both the high school and middle school, but metal detectors will be a new addition at trojan stadium this week after an incident during the first game of the season.

“We had two students get into a physical altercation at the football game on the 26th.”

“And unfortunately it spread into other students getting involved. So, it really turned a Friday night football game into an unpleasant environment. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

Arcurio tells me metal detectors and wands are a common feature in schools today… and says many school officials across Cambria County support her decision… including bishop McCort administration the crushers play the Trojans Friday night at Trojan stadium.

“Oh I think its great. I think that they’re being very proactive. This is an opportunity for them to really showcase their school and what their doing over there to help prevent violence from taking place.”


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