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Gov. Wolf School Funding

As for the Governor’s plan to increasing funding for districts across the Commonwealth

Douglas Braff took a closer look for us and joins us now live with the details Doug?

This budget proposal has some serious potential to better the services that school districts provide especially for those that are underfunded.

Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed budget would increase K through 12 public school funding by $1.75 billion dollars.

With much of that money going to special education programs, to the Commonwealth’s 100 most underfunded districts, among other things.

One of those 100 underfunded districts is Blacklick Valley School District in Cambria County.

Its Superintendent tells me those funds could go a long way in helping its students but is cautious about whether this ambitious funding will be scrapped during budget talks.

“The initial reaction is that this would be fantastic for the students of the district and the community as a whole. I mean, it’s a roughly 18% increase in funding.”

“There’s still a long process to go, before this budget is passed.”

“We’ll, cautiously, be optimistic, I guess is the best way to put it.”


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