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Gov. Wolf Addresses PPE Success

Six months after the start of the Pandemic, Governor Wolf addressing some of the successes of mitigating COVID-19. The big topic of discussion Monday concerned Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE. When the Pandemic first began in March, Governor Wolf said we did not know much about COVID-19, but today says we are prepared now more than ever to deal with this Pandemic.

In a Press Conference Monday morning, Governor Wolf thanked Businesses and State Agencies for their collaberation in providing Person Protective Equipment to Pennsylvanians. Because of this, Governor Wolf says we were able to safely re-open our Economy. He also said the use of online portals was essential to keep an adequet supply of PPE. One of those portals was the Business-to-Business Interchange Directory, where it connected businesses directly to suppliers of PPE. According to the Director of PEMA, Randy Padfield, they are continuing to store PPE to prepare for the future.

The Governor also commended the efforts of Distributors who worked directly with the Department of Community and Economic Development. Governor Wolf says they have stockpiled on PPE to prepare for another spike in COVID-19 cases.

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