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Gourmet Buffet Fire

A fire was reported at the Gourmet Buffet Restaurant along West Plank Road around 4:45 this afternoon.

The Deputy Chief for Lakemont Fire Department says there were 10 to 12 people inside of the restaurant that all made it out safely.

There were also concerns about a gas leak that lead to evacuations of the shopping plaza.

The deputy chief said the nearby stores weren’t affected and will be open and operating tomorrow.

“Damage wise, there’s a 20 by 20 hole in the roof from the fire, a little bit of water damage inside, and actually ceiling tiles and track there’s damage from pulling the ceiling.”

No injuries were reported from the fire

But listen to this, Altoona Police confirmed that a Logan Township Volunteer Fire Company engine that was rushing to the scene crashed into a minivan at the nearby intersection of Logan Boulevard and 6th Avenue.

Police say they had reports of minor injuries form people who were in the van.

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