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Glen O’ Hawbaker Update

Could there be more problems looming for construction contractor Glenn O. Hawbaker Incorporated?

The company agreed to pay more than 20 million dollars in restitution that’s tied to accusations of illegally diverting money from employees.

Glenn O Hawbaker Inc., Based here in State College, does a lot of road construction work throughout Pennsylvania. We told you last week Penndot is asking a special hearing administrator to ban the company from any state contracts for three years.

But are there others in Harrisburg also looking for other sanctions against the company?

Penndot is seeking the suspension of state contracts against Glenn O’ Hawbaker in an unusual move using a hearing officer after the company plead no contest to four felony charges,and agreed to make close to 21 million dollars in restitution to more than a thousand victims. A state lawmaker from Centre County is also asking questions about the case

“I’m mystified, I’d compare this to a case where you rob a bank of 21 million dollars and they just tell you to pay it back and everything is OK. its not OK. I know a similar case in Clearfield County
where less than ten percent of whats involved here, money stolen and the guy went to jail. I know of another case also. I think if they want to do a forensic audit, then we should do that with my
colleagues in the legislature”

Hawbaker has 30 days until October 7th to respond to Penndot’s order to show cause. The company has said it will fight the proposed contract sanction,that it believed it was following all laws,
and will vigorously defend the company and it employees

At this point Hawbaker is still getting Penndot contract work ,including one last week, reportedly a multi million dollar contact for bridge repair work

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