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GJSD Moving to More In-Person Classes

About a month after school started, changes are coming to one school district in Cambria County.

Starting Monday, students in the Greater Johnstown School District will be heading back to the classroom for more days during the week. This decision comes after school officials say the past couple of weeks have gone smoothly.

“Since the opening of our schools, our protocols have gone really well for us and the numbers have stayed within in person learning also went really well. Teachers are comfortable and so are our parents. So the next layer is to increase in person learning for our students and we are able to do that on October 5th,” said superintendent, Amy Arcurio.

Elementary students will be going into the building four days a week. Middle and high school students will be going in two days a week with their respective groups split by last names, A through L and M through Z.

“We feel that it’s the right time to make the increase. Families are very interested in having their students with us,” said Arcuri. “And we know the most impactful learning is with us. So as we feel that comfortable with our processes we will continue to increase in person learning opportunities for our students,” she added.

Even with the hybrid schedule running well, Arcurio emphasizes, preventing the spread of covid-19 at schools starts at home.

“This process of turning more students to face to face learning is really dependent on families by taking care of what they can take care of on the home front,” said Arcurio. “Really making sure that your children are well and symptom free prior to sending them to school is really is what we are counting on to make sure we are keeping covid away from our school district as best we can,” she added.

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