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GJSD Dress Code

A local school district is looking at updating their dress code following students speaking out about the problems they see with it.

Sydney Jaxtheimer attended Greater Johnstown’s School Board meeting Tonight, and shares what is being done to update the rules.

Once the weather broke, Greater Johnstown High School sophomore, Jaydah Favor received multiple dress code violations for outfits, she thought were appropriate- to take a stand, she created a hashtag “is this two inappropriate for you” to bring attention to what she calls a “sexist” dress code.

“Because people kept saying what we were wearing was inappropriate and distracting to the boys, so it just made sense to me.”

As a result, Greater Johnstown superintendent, Amy Arcurio decided to form a committee for students, parents and administrators to meet and discuss the dress code. Their first meeting was Tuesday morning.

“The students brought to our attention that they thought the dress code was a bit antiquated and needed another set of eyes on it, and we totally agreed with them. It has been several years since we took a look at the school dress

Tuesday evening, Jaydah spoke at the school board meeting to share her concerns about the dress code.

“We should still have a dress code, but it should be more lenient. I would allow like all biker shorts and leggings. I would allow like dresses and skirts. We are all built different, and I have really long arms and legs and it
says they should be two to three inches after our finger tips so I would have to wear like knee shorts and stuff.”

And progress is being made. In hopes of creating a new dress code for the 2021-2022 school year.

“We will take a look at our dress code, get recommendations from students, staff and help support our students who want to see some changes being made. We did also agree that there will be times that we have to agree to disagree, and we do have to make sure we are following some resemblance of order.”

Students at Greater Johnstown High School Today protested what they call an outdated dress code that mostly targets girls.

Greater Johnstown Superintendent Amy Arcurio and other administrators responded to the criticism by creating a special committee to address what arcurio calls the outdated dress code.

It has been several years since it has been updated.

The meeting was held Tonight and many students including Sophomore Jaydah Favor spoke saying the dress code should be more lenient.

Arcurio says they are getting recommendations from students and staff to support the students who want changes to be made.



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