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Giles Preliminary Hearing Today Waived

A preliminary hearing scheduled today was waived by Johnstown man, Brian Giles. He is accused of harassment and assault against missing Johnstown woman, Jilly Todaro.

Brian Giles is also the husband of late Nancy Giles, who disappeared in 2018. Nancy’s body was later found along a trail in Johnstown and her death ruled a homicide in 2019. Brian Giles does not face any charges in Nancy’s case.

Brian Giles is facing charges of harassment, simple assault and escape after an altercation with Johnstown woman, Jilly Todaro who has been missing since December 13, 2020.

According to a criminal complaint, Brian Giles was involved in a domestic altercation between himself and Johnstown woman, Jilly Todaro on December 11 at their home on the 500 block of Franklin Street. In the documents, police say Todaro told them Giles punched her in the face and neck. Todaro, the victim of the assault and harassment charges was reported missing last month.

According to police, she was reported missing two days after Giles was arrested on charges of harassment, simple assault, and escape. Today during Giles preliminary hearing, the defense waived the case to county court with the agreement from both sides, if the case isn’t resolved at the county level, it will be sent back to district judge Kevin Price’s office to begin the process again.

According to the defense, a possible plea deal is in the works, but it was not stated what exactly the deal could include. 6 News spoke with Giles after he waived his hearing. Here’s what he had to say.

“You don’t need to say anything to me. I told you what I know, now leave me alone,” said Giles. “I told you what I know. Go bother somebody else about it. I was in jail when she went missing. And she’s not missing she’s at her uncle’s house,” he added.

Giles also told us he has not seen Todaro since December 11, 2020 when they were in a domestic altercation.

“Nope, she was alive when I left out of the house. That’s all I can tell ya,” said Giles. She was alive when I went to jail,” he added.

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