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Ghost Town Trail Extension

The Ghost Town Trail is another step closer to being one of the first continuous looped rail trails in the entire country.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held in Cambria County near Nanty Glo.

Work is being started on the 3-mile C&I Extension making the trail just one and a half miles short of completing the full 32 mile loop.

The project is still in need of funding.

“It’s an important piece to be a part of if you think about in the grand scheme of things being the only looped rail trail in the United States other than Oregon it’s easy to get a funders name
and the when we move forward, we need money for maintenance and stuff like that and that’s the difficult part and that’s the part we work on every day.”

Officials hope the public will be able to use the new section later this year but the work is weather dependent so they may need to complete the project in the Spring.

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