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Geistown Homicide Update

We begin with the latest details regarding the homicide investigation which began Tuesday in Geistown.

Sydyney Jaxtheimer has been following this investigation and shares what investigators believe led up to the killing of a Johnstown woman.

“She did put up one heck of a fight. This was a violent death that she sustained and again I am going to start off by saying the cooperation of my office, Geistown police and district attorney’s office was outstanding.”

The suspect, Joshua Gorgone is charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault, according to Cambria County District Attorney, Greg Neugebauer. He is being housed at the Cambria County prison without bond.

This investigation first began when family members called police saying they had not heard from Williams, which was unlike her. Neugebauer said during this morning’s press conference, the family was able to give a crucial piece of information which helped in this investigation, which had something to do with information from a Facebook account.

According to a criminal complaint, Gorgone told police he and Williams got into an argument over the price of a
fridge he was selling. He told police, the argument turned physical at which time Gorgone stabbed Williams several times with a kitchen knife.

“Geistown is like a family, and when you lose someone like this when you have incidence like this nature, it’s a shock to us all. The residents in Geistown are safe. This incident was unfortunate and it was a tough scene and a tough call for myself and my officers.”

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