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Geisinger Travel Advise

As coronavirus restrictions continue to be peeled away, people are choosing to increase their travel plans.

But is it safe to fully return to pre-pandemic travel practices?

Dylan Huberman spoke with a Geisinger doctor to see,

Doctor Amit Mehta says we can be cautiously optimistic.

“We’ll have to see what happens in the next week, to ten days, to two weeks. We’ll have to see it there’s a spike of cases coming in, or not.”

Geisinger Doctor Amit Mehta says despite decreasing restrictions leading to increasing travel, covid is still not considered endemic.

“This disease yet is not endemic, okay? We do not have clear-cut guidelines whether this is just existing locally in places in the country.”

He says that traveling safely is possible now, but there are two things to consider covid wise when flying.

“Is it domestic (or) is it international? The second thing you need to keep in mind: how long is the flight? If you’re traveling for a short distance, the risk goes down because the exposure is less.”

Masking remains mandatory on flights, a precaution Dr. Mehta says is still wise.

“Safer than sorry, and I think that’s the policy here, using common sense. Wearing the mask protects you also because you’re in a closed environment. While you’re on the beach the risk is very low.”

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