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Future Amendments

Ballot questions for the primary election drawing a large response from voters

In response to the large response will state lawmakers be asking them to weigh in at the ballot box on other issues

Constitutional amendment proposals certainly aren’t a fixture on Pennsylvania ballots. But from what we saw this week during the election is it a sign of what to come in the future
most constitutional amendments in Pennsylvania first require passage in the State House and Senate during two sessions before being presented to the voters.

Currently in Harrisburg,its just not the pandemic related issues where the Republican controlled legislature and Governor Wolf don’t agree,and there is talk that lawmakers may be preparing another amendment ballot question for the November general election.

A week before Tuesday’s primary, one of the state GOP house leaders was asked if more constitutional amendments by ballot box is a future trend

“Not necessarily.but there has been a lot of pent up frustrations by constituents,times where they get frustrated cause they don’t see us getting something done. a governor can sign a bill, let it sit for ten days, or veto it and in these cases a lot has been vetoed. were here to govern,elected to represent the public,and there times we have to give push back if we feel thats the only alternative we have”

Wednesday,following the primary, after voters gave the legislature more power to override the governor during emergency declarations rep Kerry Benninghoff said
“To those contemplating litigation to stop the enforcement of the emergency disaster related amendments think twice before again ignoring the voice of the people”

A little history. Constitutional amendment question on Pennsylvania ballots have been very successful going back all the way to the 1960’s,only two have failed to be approved.

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