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Frozen Pipe Protection

Freezing Temperatures could not only lead to some problems outside, but also inside of your home. As Cait Westerholm reports, some homeowners are now experiencing frozen or broken pipes.

Having frozen pipes in your home is a risk that exists every winter, and there are a few things that you could do to help prevent it.

“The first thing you want to do to to keep your pipe from freezing is turn your water on just a little bit and let the water sort of trickle out.”

“Also, to what you can do is set your washing machine and your dishwasher to run late in the evening.”

“That’ll help you not waste in the water. Turn the heat up just a little bit that that always helps, too, whenever it’s very cold outside. ”

Even if you’ve never experienced your pipes freezing before, that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen now.

“A lot of these pipes, now that it gets so cold outside, you find pipes starting to freeze that have froze before, once it gets so cold.
And the reason is because of the there’s dry ice, a little cracks, little holes and missing insulation and stuff where the air comes in the cold air and kind of freezes the pipes.”

If you turn on your faucet, water doesn’t come out and you know that the water’s on within your house, there is likely a frozen line. But before you call someone, there are a few things
that you could try to do yourself.

“Locate that pipe and take a hairdryer and take a hairdryer and slowly heat the end of the pipe. And what that’ll do since it’s a copper pipe, not a patch or a plastic pipe,
it’ll transmit the heat slowly and melt the ice.”

If you try that and it does not work for you, the next step is to call someone for help.

“You want to call reputable plumber. That’s first. That’s the first call you want to make. And then obviously somewhat like a disaster restoration company like us.
And, you know, we clean up the mess. The plumbing will fix the pipe. We live in Pennsylvania, and this is some of the stuff that you need to be aware of.”


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