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Frontline Worker Appreciation Lunch

People across the country are continuing to find ways to show their appreciation to those one the front lines fighting the pandemic.

Monday, the Zernick family from Cambria County spent their day delivering lunches to healthcare workers, after they collected enough donations.

“My son, Jon who is 15, started a GoFundMe online. He knew we really couldn’t go door to door asking our neighbors for donations because of the pandemic so we did what we could,” said mom, Chrissy Zurnick.

The family then took the nearly $150 and helped to feed those on the frontlines of the pandemic- as a way to show their appreciation AND to honor the memory of one of their own family members.

“My aunt who we were really close to passed away in December. We thought that this would be a nice thing to do in her memory because she was very selfless and always willing to help other people,” said Chrissy.

Brothers, Matt and Jon Zernick were happy their mom was able to help put their plan into action.

“Giving back to them for what they have done to help people throughout this pandemic and it’s just a way to give back,” said Jon.

And the pizza they donated certainly got the job done.

“Just to know that the community is thinking about us by these generous gifts of food, and generous donations. It just keeps up the resilience of our staff to keep going until we finally get through this pandemic,” said Conemaugh’s chief nursing officer, Jelden Arcilla.

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