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Free Store 15901

Throughout the Pandemic, hundreds of people and Organizations have stepped up to help people in need. Helping others – that’s been a common theme throughout the Pandemic. Now, there’s even more help available in Johnstown. A new charity in the city ‘Free Store 15901’ will be exactly that – a free store.

They have a room full of donated clothes, hygiene products and school supplies that will be given away for free. Kaite Kinka, a Volunteer at Free Store 15901 saying: “We have a lot of amazing Social Service Partner Agencies, but what can we kind of be doing to fill that need that’s still present?”

Free Store 15901 will give the items away through pop-up shops in Johnstown. Kinka adding: “The first pop-up is coming up August 3rd from 3-9pm. We’ll be partnering with the Johnstown Police Department and their National Night Out over at Central Park.”

The new charity hopes to eventually have a Storefront to help even more people. Kinka saying: “We’ve had a lot of people reach out saying that they’re thrilled to be able to be a part of something like this recognizing pool our resources and help our neighbors.”

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