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FOX8 Feel Good Friday

Welcome to this week’s Feel Good Friday!

A Minnesota teenager is being called a hero for saving her family from a house fire. The blaze broke out early Tuesday Morning in Duluth. Fire officials say had the 15-year-old girl not woken up and warned her parents about the fire, things could have ended in a tragedy. 4 Adults and 4 children were able to get out safely. Authorities say the fire likely started due to an electrical problem.

“So I woke up and like just like a month ago, AND I had gotten this brand new tapestry and it was my favorite, and it was so beautiful. And I had led lights right above it. It was looking so good. And I woke up because like it was getting real hot on the side of me and my whole tapestry was on fire and the LED lights and then the stuff on my top bunk was on fire. It was really scary.”

The Red Cross is helping the family.

Students who were freshmen at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida when a gunman killed 17 people has their graduation this week.

They say that tragedy coupled with covid amounted to a high school experience that only saw a few months that they could call normal.

But in their 4 years of high school, they’ve turned their pain into action. Starting a movement against gun violence that has gone global, with March For Our Lives. Teens taking on one of the most complex political fights in America today.

“What does this moment signify for you?”

“It does feel like closing a chapter on my life and moving on to a better one.”

“Does college feel a do-over?

“Kind of, yeah. It kind of feels like a chance to have a semi-normal school experience.”

The Stoneman Douglas High School Seniors graduated on Tuesday.


When a couple in Cheyenne, Wyoming lost the last beloved Elm tree on their property, they wanted to preserve at least part of it. And they found a creative and special way to do just that. They called in a unique artist with a unique name.

She’s known as Chain Saw Mama, and as the artist’s name suggests, her paintbrush is a chain saw. Chain Saw Mama whose real name is Faye Braaten, has been has been carving sculptures for 21 years.

“That’s one of the things that’s so rewarding I’m not out carving for myself I’m out carving to create something that tells their story basically and they all have a reason why their picking the subject or a reason why they’re having that tree carved.”

She turned the tree into a sculpture that reflects the natural splendor the property owners love. The finished sculpture will include a Bear, an Owl, and 2 Wolves.

That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday.
Until next time, enjoy the little things in life and remember to smile.

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