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FOX8 Feel Good Friday

It’s finally Friday,So time to bring on the feel good stories.

For emergency crews working the Dixie fire, some positively welcome visitors visited their fire camp this week.

The group, paws 4 love, Drove to Quincy from Reno giving these firefighters pause for reflection.

“The connection the dog has with someone that needs someone in need, is just absolutely incredible.”

“Everybody loves dogs, everybody loves animals and fire camps can be stressful. And just being able to think about your dogs that are at home. And just to come play with something, you know, it’s awesome.”

Working long shifts Away from families for weeks at a time. volunteers know these crews can have some tough days.

But they hope these dogs can make their time there A little nicer, also giving them the opportunity to step back and take time for themselves.


Sticking with man’s best friend a 4 year old dog has become South Korea’s first honorary rescue dog. After the dog Baekgu Saved its 90yearold owner when she collapsed in a rice field.

Hidden from view by the rice, she was drenched and unable to get up.

Baekgu stayed by her side for 40 hours keeping her temperature up Even as she began experiencing symptoms of hypothermia.

Using a thermal drone, Authorities spotted the little dog’s body, Leading them to the woman’s location.

Baekgu was awarded for his courage becoming the country’s First ever Honorary rescue dog.


A one of a kind sculpture called the Light of Appreciation is shining down on Colorado’s healthcare workers.

An artistic Boulder County public health worker Created this out of used Moderna vaccine bottles.

laura Weiss, the nurse behind the masterpiece, wanted to pay tribute to all those who have helped keep people alive.

She says she also wanted to honor people who made the decision to get the vaccine.

Weiss hopes the light Brings hope For a brighter future, without COVID-19.


And finally a Texas restaurant has found a solution for its labor shortage.

The owner of La Duni in Dallas says he has a third of the staff that he did pre-pandemic.

While he’s trying to hire new people no one is interested in working. So he turned To robots for help.

“I’ve had people who tell me, they’re taking peoples jobs but guess what? No. They’re not taking anyone’s job because no one is showing up! What they are doing is helping the ones who are really working.”

The restaurant has 3 robots that work as hosts and runners. They take guests to their tables, bring out orders, And even sing, happy birthday.

That wraps it up for this week’s feel good Friday. Until next time, remember to smile.

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