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Fox8 Feel Good Friday

Feel-Good stories in this week’s Feel Good Friday, the new International Wheelchair Football League is underway in Kansas City, Missouri, aiming to help people with disabilities be competitive and play a sport again.

Injured former National Guardsman Andy Butterworth has been playing football since he was a kid and says after losing his right leg in Iraq in 2004.

This is the way to feel like a kid again. The USA Wheelchair Football League is part of Move United. It’s an organization that helps those with disabilities participate in sports. They’re good. They know how to move their chair just enough to block you.

If you haven’t been doing it for very long, like I have in a wheelchair, it’s a little tricky. I’m just out here trying to show everybody that we play football the same as everybody else can.

The players say the ability to be competitive again means a lot to them.


Now check this out. After being missing for 18 days in Western Australia, this is the moment four year old Cleo Smith was found alive. The little girl looks relieved as police rescue her from her captors home after she disappeared from her family’s campsite.

Police say a 36 year old man with no connection to the family is now in custody over her disappearance. A clue led police to a home about 50 kilometers from the campsite. They say that the house was locked.

They broke down the door and found the girl inside.


Another rescue, this one happening in Alaska. The U.S. Coast Guard rescued an eight month old puppy from Black Pointe in Kodiak. The puppy was missing for nearly two days after the owner ship that ran aground.

The crew abandoned the ship and presumed that the puppy was lost. The puppy was then located on a cliffside and was happily reunited with its owner and wrapping things up in a category of things no one asked for.


How about an entire Thanksgiving spread in ice cream form? Yep, you heard that right? Ice cream company Salt and Straw is offering Thanksgiving flavored ice creams. This includes caramelized turkey, a cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie and Parker House rolls with salted buttercream.

But of course, you do have your classic dessert flavors as well, like candied walnut cheesecake and pumpkin and ginger snap pie.

So until next time, hang in there, keep smiling.


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