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Fox8 Feel Good Friday

It would be ghastly to not talk about Halloween related stories in this week’s Feel Good Friday. So we begin by checking out a bizarre Halloween tradition in suburban Cleveland. It is called the annual pumpkin roll.

Now, this event started off as a prank by a bunch of high school students in 1967, but it has endured ever since.

Students use a dump truck and unload pumpkins on the top of a hill, some of which are donated. Others are apparently stolen, though the students appear to have a great time and you can see why. Some residents, though, aren’t exactly happy with the tradition.

Police gave organizers a ticket for illegal dumping, however, every year the students raise money to pay that fine, as well as to clean up the mess.


Now, if you like to debate what Halloween candy is the best? This interactive map might help you make your case, or maybe take that debate a little bit further, so let’s take a look. It shows the most popular holiday treat in every state. says it used 14 years worth of data to put this together. For many states, some kind of chocolate Halloween candy is the top pick here in Pennsylvania.

Well, we follow that trend with the famous Hershey’s chocolate bars.


Google Trends released this year’s top Halloween costume searches in the US. So what was the most popular costume on the 2021 search list, you ask? Take a guess which the list includes hundreds of costumes.

Some of them include Cruella de Vil at number five, squid game at 23, Baby Yoda at number 82. So if you do need some ideas, I guess you can check out this search list on Google and to round out our Halloween festive fun.

Uber riders in three cities may be getting surprised by some stylish Halloween rides this weekend. Customers who request an Uber X in Atlanta could find themselves being picked up in Scooby Doo as Mystery Machine in Los Angeles.

People may see the SpongeBob SquarePants paddy wagon pull up, and riders in Miami could find themselves in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party wagon.

It’s all just for fun, and the vehicles function as famous Uber rides, taking customers where they do need to go. So there’s no way, though, to request one of the vehicles. Just getting one is the luck of the draw.


The special vehicles that Uber calls famous rides will be operating from 6:00 p.m. to midnight all weekend

So until next time, enjoy the holiday weekend safely, please, and hopefully you’ll have many more treats than tricks


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