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Fox8 Feel Good Friday

Time for this week’s Feel Good Friday, sponsored by Altoona first Savings Bank. This heartwarming story is out of Virginia at Johnson Elementary School in Charlottesville. one little boy ends each school day by making his fellow classmates feel appreciated and loved.

He’s demonstrating the sort of unconditional love we all strive for, especially during the pandemic. Here’s his sweet story. Play hard on when kindergartner Shannon Wells leaves school for the day. There’s one more job he has to do. They just do it every single day at the bus drop time, and it was just it was so adorable and so sweet and so innocent and so kind.

And just so I think telling of their heart. Their principal says these little moments are what make her students so special. When we are such huggers here at Johnson that this is like that one time of day that like they just get in there and they get their hugs and hen they say goodbye for the day, even though these kids will see each other tomorrow.

They’re holding on tight before departing for the day. I just think it just encapsulates like the wonder and beauty of our kids and their spirit and the love that they have for each other, and we be more like they are in Charlotte. Love their little handshakes that they do, too.


And it comes just in time for national make a difference day, which is tomorrow. It’s a day when millions of people are encouraged to do something to improve the lives of others.

The day was started in 1992 when organizations across the nation got people to make a difference. On the fourth Saturday in October, the holiday has become the largest national day of community service in the country. To celebrate, people can volunteer at a local organization, be a mentor, make a donation to a charity or simply say a kind word of support to somebody who’s struggling. Up next, a customer in a convenience store, a convenience store, sprang into action against an armed robber. But what that robber didn’t know was that the customer had a background in military training.


Jeremy Roth has a look at today’s story. And attempted armed robbery caught on camera in Arizona did not go as planned. Before we show you what happened. Just a heads up. This customer is a Marine Corps veteran. You’re probably aware that Marines are a tough as nails military infantry unit that undergo extensive hand-to-hand and tactical close combat

training. You don’t go down. So when the suspect entered gun in hand, this veteran did not hesitate, grabbing the suspect’s weapon and tackling him to the floor. That juvenile suspect was arrested. But two others fled the scene. Yuma County authorities shared the video on social media and quoted the veteran as saying The Marine Corps taught me not to mess around


From tough love gone viral to just plain love gone viral. Georgia earners is Jacob Young and Kelsey Dunlap met at work during the pandemic. So Jacob decided to pop the question there as well. Surprisingly, Kelsey, with a proposal on the hospital’s helipad bucket, said that she was in game mode ready to pick up a real patient. And I really didn’t even register what was going on until he dropped to a knee, and then it finally all clicked, Kelsey said. Yes. And the happy moments spread like wildfire on Tik Tok, racking up over 1,000,000 views for a pair used to helping others under intense pressure.

It was a heartwarming moment of sweet relief. It was by far the most stressful day of my life, but it was really worth it for. Take a look at this. I’m Jeremy Roth.


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