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Fox Feel Good Friday

After receiving some national attention for repeatedly stealing a purple unicorn from a local Dollar General as a stray this pup is now settling into his new forever home.

Sisu repeatedly broke into a Dollar General in North Carolina and stole this purple unicorn.

The store eventually called animal services and the responding officer decided to buy the toy for him.

On his adoption information the shelter says Sisu, quote, knows sit, lay, heel and loves unicorns from Dollar General.

Now, he’s stolen someone’s heart and he and his toy have found a new family.

Another underdog tale but this one is a rescue that came full circle.

Back in February a little dog was stuck on a patch of ice in the Detroit river.

4 Days with no food, below freezing temps, and under the threat of wild animals yet somehow, the dog dubbed Miracle survived.

Aftter noticing the pup Jude Mead who lives across the Detroit river in Canada. Crossed the icy river on an airboat to bring the dog to safety.

Miracle was living at the local shelter ever since his rescue but now miracle has a new home with the man who saved his life.

The shelter says it got many adoption applications for Miracle but they felt the man who saved him was the best fit.

In las Vegas a woman who graduated from law school has decided to switch careers and become a teacher.

Why you ask? Holly Grinstead said the pandemic opened her eyes to how important educators are.

She’s been training for 2 months and has been sitting in on virtual classrooms during distance learning.

“I really saw how the kids were really suffering through all this. It’s hard to get those kids to focus as I’ve come to learn through my own field.”

Grinstead said she will have her own classroom come august. And hopes to be placed in a school that serves disadvantaged youth.

Staying on the West Coast a new homeless center in California is being named after the late Alex Trebek.

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission is transforming an old roller skating rink, into a shelter. To be called the Trebek Center.

The long time Jeopardy host and his family donated half a million dollars to the project, which was the first donation the organization received.

Jean Trebek says her husband would have been honored.

“I know how proud Alex was of their mission. He was so deeply grateful to be a part of the solution, to always lend a helping hand by offering both hope and practical assistance to those in need.”


Now, what would you do if you found a massive sum of cash like 42-thousand dollars?

Well, a Goodwill employee in Oklahoma made sure it got returned to its owner.

Andrea Lessing was sorting through a pile of donations when she felt something odd between 2 sweaters.

It was stacks of cash totaling 42-thousand dollars.

Instead of keeping the money she had Goodwill track down the owner.

Lessing says she wanted her 6 year old daughter to see the importance of honesty.

As a reward the owner of the lost cash let lessing keep one thousand dollars.

And check this out

Across the pond McDonald’s UK announced the opening of its first playground built out of recycled happy meals toys.

This is at the Ronald McDonald house in Oxford.

The fast food giant plans on building at least 14 more of these recycled playgrounds in the near future.

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