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Fox Feel Good Friday

It’s the end of the week and you know what that means another Feel Good Friday.

An 11 year old boy is saluting wounded veterans by giving them a chance to take part in his favorite summer activity.

It all started when Michael Ahern met Travis Mills in 2017, at a 4th of July parade.

Ahern developed a relationship with the veteran who lost both arms and legs in Afghanistan and wanted to help his foundation, which allows recalibrated veterans to enjoy an action packed vacation
with their families.

Ahern founded Sscoops for Troops, and donated 400 dollars to the foundation so that kids of the veterans at the retreat could take part in his favorite summer activity.

“My favorite thing to do in summer vacation when we’re up here is taking the boat out to get some ice cream. And I wanted other kids to experience that.”

After that initial donation, Ahern wanted to do more and approached the foundation to see what else he could do.

2 Years ago Ahern shared his new goal on the local news of raising 30 thousand dollars that would allow 8 veterans and their families to stay at the retreat.

Ahern raised the money in no time, but the pandemic delayed the delivery of the funds.

Flash forward to last weekend where Ahern, surround by his family, was finally able to present a check for over 31 thousand dollars to the foundation.

“He’s going to help a lot of families with his donations and these funds. We’re going to bring them out and show them, hey life goes on. Don’t live life on the sidelines. Be active in your
community, be active in your society, and to always live out the motto of never give up, never quit, and that wouldn’t be possible without people out there like Michael and his family, so again so
grateful, humbled really, and just all around excited for the future.”

Ahern has no plans of slowing down and has some sweet goals for the future with scoops for troops.


Reunited again!

This dog and his owner are back together after a separation of 7 years and more than a thousand miles.

The Yorkshire Terrier mix named Seargent Pepper went missing in Florida when he was 6 years old.

Animal control says someone who wasn’t his owner claimed him from a found posting.

The dog went on to spend 5 years with a Michigan family that didn’t know about his microchip.

Seargent Pepper ended up with Eaton County Animal Control and the department used the chip to contact the original owner and bring the 2 back together again.


Two Missouri boy scouts are being hailed heroes for rescuing a woman who nearly drowned in floodwaters.

It happened at an unexpected location.

Heavy rainfall in Columbia last week caused a basketball court to become submerged.

The boys were riding their bikes when they heard a call for help.

That’s when they saw a woman hanging onto a basketball hoop.

With help still minutes away the scouts went into action jumping into the water to save the woman.

They each grabbed one of her shoulders and pulled her to safety.

“I feel like if you’re able to save somebody like that. I feel like you should because you’re you never know when somebody’s going to call somebody else or who’s going to come.”

Their scout leaders say he hopes to get the boys honorary medals for their bravery.


And in New York City this week there was a parade held to recognize, honor, and thank health care and essential workers during the pandemic.

Senator Chuck Schumer was personally thanking essential workers and healthcare professionals and voiced his thoughts on their efforts.

“I feel great. These people are true heroes and deserve recognition and help.”

The parade was held Wednesday with thousands in attendance.


That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine, take a deep breath and remember to smile.


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