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Fox Feel Good Friday

Its time for Feel Good Friday a collection of stories that will help you end your work week on a high note.

The Mea Cupla Cafe in  offers a free community fridge to anyone in the community in need of groceries the concept was started by three workers at the coffee shop the pantry is stocked with everything that someone would need from meats, dairy and plenty of drinks. They say the fridge is open to anyone and no one is watching it and lately they haven’t had any trouble stocking the shevles with all the money they’ve received through donations.

“Shows that people care that the community cares and it’s always just about you know paying it forward automatically I just thought you know if I’m going to take I’m going to give back.”

The group, 757 Community Fridges, also has a Go Fund Me page and a cash app account for anyone who wants to donate

Staying in Virginia where one community decided to honor one of their essential workers their trash man Darrell McNeil’s route goes through the Richmond suburbs every week and this time they wanted to honor him the residents decided to show him with love and gifts they say he is a pillar of their community and he’s someone they want their children to look up to and he says he’s blown away by the love and support.

“It really warms me I mean I was happy. When I came through I blew and everything and I smiled. I wasn’t expecting anything.”

McNeil has been working this route for over a decade.

In the Empire State one woman is helping Asian New Yorkers get around the city safely Maddy Park is offering to pay cab fare for Asian American senior citizens or Asian women who don’t feel safe and can’t afford it.

He says it started when she took a 30-minute train ride and realized how terrified she was it comes after a rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans. Park put in two thousand of her own money and started the Cafe Maddy Cab on Instagram she says in just two days she raised more than 100 thousand dollars.

“People who are donating are people from all across the nation, across all races, ethnicity and they just sent me messages saying, listen, we really want you guys to be safe too and we’re donating so that more people can take rides in the city.”

Park says some senior citizens don’t know how to use Venmo the mobile payment app her system runs on she says she hopes more will learn but she is also looking at ways to expand payment options.

Fans of the Stanford women’s basketball program celebrated the team’s national title win on Monday with a parade the ladies defeated Arizona Sunday Night 54-53 in the NCAA finals, securing their third ever championship title and it’s first since 1992. The parade winded its way through Stanford’s campus and downtown Palo Alto on Monday Afternoon the matchup was the first time two teams from the PAC-12 faced off for a national title in the NCAA women’s

Speaking of sports celebrations Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady made his way to Disneyworld this week, the NFL star met Chewbacca while visiting Monday. He was there to celebrate his seventh Super Bowl win and to keep a marketing promise, Brady and his teammate, Rob Gronkowski has appeared in an ad saying they planned to visit the park.

Disney has been extending such invites to Super Bowl stars since 1987.

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