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Fox Feel Good Friday

It’s finally Friday so its time for our Feel Good Friday segment where we share a collection of stories from all over the nation

That will help end your week on a high note.

First off this is in Nebraska check out this baby giraffe that was welcomed at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

The calf is already six feet tall and weighs about 140 pounds.

The zoo says he stood on his own after just one hour.

He’s staying in a separate place right now but will be introduced to the rest of the herd in the coming weeks.

The zoo is planning to hold an auction later this year to name the calf.

And these kinds of giraffes are endangered in the wild.

The zoo says there are less than 16-thousand remaining in Africa.


And one social media sensation duo is back at it again.

Ross Smith and his Granny make all kinds of viral videos and have become real stars on social media.

Whether they’re taking on the trendiest internet challenges or hanging out in famous sports teams locker rooms it’s never a dull moment with these two.

And here’s their latest challenge they’re now attempting to make the world’s biggest Oreo.

Here’s a look at their progress.

“We looked up online with the world’s biggest Oreo was, we decided we’re going to go bigger and better. So, we made a four foot by four foot Oreo, and it’s going to be about 175 pounds.”

And this creation came just in time for granny’s birthday celebration.

She turned 95 this week.


You may be able to take a flight into space without being a billionaire like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.

You would just have to beat out the competition in some possible new reality shows.

Two shows in development aim to send a winner to the International Space Station.

Who Wants to be an Astronaut has the potential backing of the Discovery Channel.

That show would put competitors against each other in a series of unknown extreme challenges to determine who is most fit to go into space for 8 days.

Another possible show with no major backing called Space Hero would put 24 people in a house then eliminate them one by one until a winner is selected.

Right now there’s no guarantee either show would actually be able to launch a winner into space.

And if they can it’s unlikely they would be able to also send a film crew to document their adventure.

So even though there’s no air in space don’t hold your breath for either show.


And check out this runner that just learned to walk but is already competing in 5k races

Meet Cassie the robot I don’t know why but this kind of creeps me out.

She was created at Oregon State University.

She’s the first two legged robot to learn how to walk and run outside in a controlled manner.

Cassie put her skills to the test in a 5k run on Oregon State’s campus.

Officials say she was untethered and running on a single battery charge.

It took her over 53 minutes to complete the run.

She fell twice but she completed it making her run historic for the field of robotics.


A New York nurse just one of many who have been working along the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic is getting the Barbie treatment.

Check this out Amy O’Sullivan treated New York City’s first known COVID-19 patient

And returned to work even after she nearly died from Coronavirus.

She was named one of Time’s most influential people of 2020.

She was a Cover Girl now she’s a Barbie Girl.

An artist hand stitched and painted this one of kind nurse Amy O’Sullivan Barbie to the finest detail including her tattoos.

Amy says she hopes her doll will inspire children the way she says no doll did when she was young.

“It’s ok to be different and look different and sound different and dress different. And you can be somebody special.”

The doll is one of 6 designed in the likeness of real life Covid hero from around the world


That’s all for Feel Good Friday have a great weekend.

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