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Firework Safety & 4th Fest

Independence Day festivities are still on in a lot of places, and so too are plans for more personal fireworks shows.

Thus, officials are reminding residents of the dangers of fireworks as the upcoming holiday nears.

Although Independence Day this year will look a bit different, a lot of people will still enjoy setting off their own fireworks display, and pandemic or not, the danger is still there.

“It is a dangerous thing that you need to use caution with.”

The annual Central Pennsylvania 4th Fest in Centre County is canceled, but the firework displays are still on this year, at different locations around the area.

Organizers say the firework displays will take place on the 4th of July, in four different locations.

Recommended viewing locations include, the Nittany Mall, Hills Plaza, the Colonnade shopping center, and Science Park Road.

For those planning their own firework display, Boalsburg Fire Chief Van Winter says there are some things to keep in mind.

“The important thing to remember is to distance yourself as much as you need, because projectiles are going to have stones come out or you could burn yourself with embers of sparklers coming out. Sparklers are like 2,000 degrees, they’re easily going to burn skin and cause serious burns, so just overall, practice safety. Keep children away, or with adult supervision, and make sure everyone is kept at a safe distance away from everything to enjoy, because you can see from a distance. You don’t need to be right there at them to get the same effect.”

So, when it comes to having your own backyard displays, be sure to notify authorities if they’re a respectable size.

“If you’re going to be lighting fireworks off a mountain top, bigger fireworks with louder bangs, notify the local agencies. You can contact the non-emergency 911 number. Notify them.”

Central PA’s 4th Fest is also working to display the entertainment virtually through their Facebook and YouTube pages.

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