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Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy

With the news on Saturday that Johnson and Johnson’s COVID Vaccine has been approved, the supply of Vaccines is expected to really ramp up in the coming days and weeks. However, some people are hesitant to get vaccinated and some even say they don’t trust it. We spoke with one Community Leader who is trying to combat that.

Reverend Sylvia King is recovering from her own battle with COVID-19 that lead to Acute Respiratory Failure and Sepsis. Some people have been anxiously waiting to get the Vaccine for months and got it the second they could, but others feel hesitant about getting the shot and even mistrust it.

Reverend King saying: “When I was laying in the Hospital, I said to the Lord, “I know what my next assignment is.” The Assignment: encouraging her Community to get the Vaccine so they don’t end up in her shoes. She says she’s especially encouraging the African American community, adding: “There’s history there, so there’s reason that they would be hesitant because of things that’ve happened in the past. However, we’re all taking the same vaccine, we’re all taking the same shot.”

And so, she’s pushing for trust in experts, trust in medicine, and says: “I trust God. I trust God, I trust that he has given man wisdom. He made man, so he’s giving man the wisdom and the knowledge to be able to make the medicine.” Reverend King says she hopes that through the vaccines, we can all get back to normal.

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