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Ferndale Fire Update

Police say a 12-year-old and three 14-year-olds have been charged for setting an abandoned Ferndale house on fire which injured an officer and firefighter.

Ferndale Borough Police Chief John Blake says the four girls face charges related to arson, causing catastrophe, trespassing and endangering another person for the fire that happened Saturday along Vickroy Ave.

Chief Blake says his department was assisted by a Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal during the investigation.

According to Blake, the girls confessed to arson after police obtained video of them lighting the fire.

Police say the girls sprayed accelerant inside the abandoned house and lit pieces of paper before throwing them into a shoebox on a couch.

Investigators say the girls then sprayed the flames with aerosol accelerants until the fire grew out of control.

Blake adds that the girls ran away from the house, but later returned where they were photographed.

The girls also posted videos of the fire to their social media accounts, but later deleted them, according to police.

An Upper Yoder police officer was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation after alerting the residents of a house next door to the flames.

Police say a firefighter was also injured.

Police say the girls were released to their parents until their Juvenile Court hearings.

Chief Blake says the girls are also facing charges for breaking into a different house earlier in the day and trying to light a mattress on fire.

Chief Blake says both the police officer and firefighter have been released from the hospital and are doing well.

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