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Ferguson Twp. PD and Ring Cameras

The Ferguson Township Police Department in Centre County has partnered with the “Neighbors App”, developed by Ring, to aid in Criminal Investigations. We spoke with the Officer who made it happen and have the details of how it all works.

Sergeant Ryan Hendrick heard the idea from a friend in Law Enforcement, and he decided to make it happen here in Centre County. The Ferguson Township Police Department now has the capability to use Ring cameras via the Neighbors App to help solve crimes.

Sergeant Ryan Hendrick says that the upward trajectory of technology made it an easy choice, adding: “Technology is the future, it’s something that can absolutely help law enforcement, so it was a no-brainer for us, and we hope that it can help catch some bad guys.”

And here’s how it works. Hendrick saying: “Very simply, we will send out a request to everybody that is signed up for their app, and we will give them specific dates and times where we’ll be asking them to help us in trying to solve a crime. If they volunteer to help us, they will simply check their footage and then send it off to us to review it.”

Sergeant Hendrick says there is no infringements on privacy to make this effective, adding: “We do not get their information, we don’t know who has a camera, who doesn’t have a camera. We are simply using a public application, asking for assistance, really no different than using Facebook and Twitter to ask for help.”

And he definitely says it will be a difference maker for the Department. Hendrick saying: “It’s gonna solve crimes. We’re going to catch more people, and hopefully it’s going to deter criminals because guess what criminals: people have cameras out there now and you’re going to get caught if you try to, you know, break into someone’s house and break into someone’s car, so not only is a deterrent but we’re going to catch some more bad guys.”

The App is free to download in the App Store.

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