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Feel Good Fridays – May 28th

Welcome to this Week’s Feel Good Friday!

A Pennsylvania Second Grader hoping to bring some happiness to the streets helped design a Police Department’s newest ride. Students at Yorkshire Elementary School in Springettsbury Township, PA recently got a sneak peak of the newest Police car. Tuleya McGovern’s design was chosen from 5 Finalists. Her message for the brightly colored Police vehicle– “The World Needs Love”. Lt. Brian Wilbur of the Springettsbury Township Police saying: “The timing couldn’t be better. The World does need some love and some grace and some understanding and what better message to have on the side of a Police car to portray that.” The Officers from the Department say the timing of the message is perfect.

And speaking of spreading the Love: a Family in Massachusetts is getting a lot of love after returning a scratch-off that Won the top prize of a Million Dollars. Several weeks ago, Lea Fiega, a regular at Abhi Shah’s Parents’ Convenience Store, purchased a $30 scratcher. She hurriedly scratched and when thinking it was a loser, handed back to Abhi’s Mom to throw out. Abhi came across the ticket days later and discovered the winning numbers. Abhi Shah saying: “My Grandmother said, ‘let’s not keep the ticket. It’s not right. Just give it back to them. If it’s in your luck, you will get it anyhow.'” Abhi Shah adding: “Gotta make big guy happy upstairs.” Abhi tracked down Fiega and delivered the stunning news, to which in his words he says she freaked out.

A day at the beach in North Carolina turned into one of heroics when a woman saves 3 men after they were swept out to sea in a rip current. Without hesitation, Jennifer Williamson sprung into action after a Witness pointed out the men in trouble. Jennifer saying: “My adrenaline just took over my training that I had with Coast Guard is what got me where I need to go to help them.” Using a boogie board, she was able to reach the men and brought all of them 150 yards back to shore. Diana Ricker saying: “Everyone was clapping, and the guys hugged her high-fived her with one of the guys they were actually embraced arm and arm when they were walking out of the water it was definitely a very proud moment and a very happy ending and it literally gives me chills just talking about it.” Jennifer adding: “I just did what I would do any other day in uniform or not in uniform.”

A formerly homeless Navy Veteran in Indianapolis received a major surprise this week. Michael Parks, who’s used to getting up at 3am for the Bus to get to work, was surprised with a car. A Supporter of the Helping Veterans and Families non-profit group donated a car so that Michael Parks can now drive himself to work. Parks is currently living in transitional housing and getting ready to find a place of his own. He works as a Cook at a Senior Living Facility to support himself.

And finally, a pup goes from rags to riches. This next story is an update to a previous piece shown in our Feel Good Friday, about Busch’s “Dog Brew” needing a “Chief Tasting Officer”. Meet Ethan! Just 4 months ago, Ethan was starving and abandoned in the Kentucky Humane Society’s parking lot. With help from the Organization and his adoptive family, Ethan defied the odds and became a happy, healthy pup. Now, in his new role as ‘Taste Master’, Ethan will help lead the expansion of the Dog Brew’s ‘Flavor Portfolio’. What a good boy!

That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday. Until next time, enjoy the little things and remember to smile!

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