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Federal Indictment

Information on this case has been kept under wraps for a while now. A Federal indictment was just unsealed in court this. Basically it says two people stole thousand of dollars of gear from two Walmart stores, one here in Centre County and the other in Clearfield County

And according to the Feds the stolen, gear ,electronics equipment was sold on international markets. Maurice Whyte seen here, along with Jasmyn Robinson both are from Ohio are accused of stealing

I-phones, I-pads, and other electronics from a Walmart in College Township, and a Walmart in Sandy Township, Clearfield County. How’d they do it? According to indictment it was a smash and grab type
of operation. In November of 2019, police say the pair, along with un-named conspirator went to the Centre County Walmart.

There Whyte is accused of using a pry bar to open storage drawers and stole 15 I-phones, while the other two were lookouts. According to police in Clearfield County, the another 11 thousand dollars
in electroonic gear was stolen there.

After leaving Centre County, the indictment lists locations where Whyte reportedly used a credit card. Plus police say Whyte and Robinson posted pictures of themselves with substantial amounts of
cash on the internet. According to the indictment the stolen goods were sold to individuals in Oklahoma, Israel and Africa. Whyte has plead not guilty to the charges.

According to the Federal indictment, the two suspects named also stole similar items from stored in Ohio and Illinois.

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