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Fatal Johnstown Shooting

An investigation continues Tonight into a deadly shooting that happened this weekend in Johnstown.

Authorities have been tight lipped over the past 48 hours, over what led up to the deadly shooting of Terrell Green.

It happened early Saturday morning and comes as 3 other homicide cases over the past year in that same region remain unsolved.

Crispin Havener reports.

Much of what happened Saturday morning that led to the shooting death of Terrell Green is still not known Tonight.

The Cambria County District Attorney’s office and the coroner office says Green was found shot multiple times in the 900 block of Ash Street. He died a short time later at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

District Attorney Greg Neugebauer said the Johnstown Police Department is aggressively investigating this case.

But since the summer, three other homicide cases that happened in that area remain unsolved.

In July Jesus Santiago died from several gunshot wounds in the basement of a home on Cliff Street in Dale Borough.

The next month Messiah Rhodes was found shot to death inside a vehicle near his home along Lunen Street near Park Avenue.

Then on new years day morning, Jaydin Sanderson was found shot to death inside a vehicle in the middle of the road on Wood Street.

Authorities said after Sanderson’s death they were stunned that she had been there for several hours before law enforcement was notified.

“I think frankly that’s one of the things that in speaking with police and other people that we’re a little surprised how long it took somebody to call. We say all the time if you see something say something. It could be nothing
but in this instance, we had the victim of a crime siting in a vehicle for several hours. Nobody called. ”

Investigators are again asking the public to come forward with information so another case doesn’t go cold.

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