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Family in Mourning

A Texas man is charged with Capital Murder for killing an infant whose mourning Family is from our area. The DeHart Family is originally from here in Cambria County, but they’re now living in Texas. And early last week, they asked a family friend to babysit their little boy, and he’s now accused of murdering him.

Ahren Joshua DeHart was just One-year-old when he was killed last week. Brandon is a graduate of Conemaugh Valley High School and moved to El Paso, Texas to serve in the Military. It is there where he met 24-year-old Marvin Lake. Brandon DeHart saying: “He came to the hospital when my wife was in labor. When I first got to El Paso, he actually picked me up from the airport.”

Brandon said last week Lake babysat Ahren at his El Paso home. According to an affidavit from the El Paso Police Department, Lake conducted several wrestling moves with the infant and at one point the child slipped from his hand and struck the frame of a futon. Brandon said his Wife picked baby Ahren up that night, adding: “When she picked him up, she said that he was limp, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head, and his breathing was very irregular.”

She called 911 and the Infant was transported to the Hospital, dying four days later. El Paso Police say Ahren’s cause of death was ruled a Homicide and Lake was charged with Capital Murder. A GoFundMe was organized for the Family. Brandon said his trust in a family-friend has been betrayed in a way he never thought possible.

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