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Falls Creek Land Contamination

The Falls Creek Borough Council has been fighting with the EPA for 12 years to redevelop the Jackson Site and now they’re saying enough is enough.

The Jackson Ceramix Site in Falls Creek used to manufacture and paint china from 1917-1985 until it went up in flames.

“After it went bankrupt it mysteriously set fire and so it burnt to the ground,” said Lou Inzana, Consultant for the Falls Creek Borough Council.

After the fire, Lou Inzana said it left debris everywhere that contaminated the soil and a nearby swamp with lead.

He said the Environmental Protection Agency created a super fund for the property to clean up the site.

In 2008, the borough picked up the site with hopes of redeveloping it to bring in more jobs.

But since, Inzana said no progress has been made.

“The borough council took a stand on that and said enough is enough, that we should start to do what we have to do to put something on the property,” he said.

Throughout 12 years, Inzana said they’ve worked with four different managers with the EPA.

“We waited 12 years to have something done on that property, to bring in tax base to create jobs and that’s what super funds are all about,” he said.

According to the EPA, from 2009-2015 they conducted samples on the site and in August of this year, they issued a proposed cleanup plan to address the contamination of the site.

That plan includes repairing or removing the existing soil.

But according to Inzana they’ve already added two feet of fill to the property and it isn’t contaminated. He said he’s ready to move forward.

“I think EPA’s on board with us, they too want to see something happen over there. But in the meantime, that gap which is now 12 years, let us do this,” said Inzana.

Inzana said they have a meeting with the EPA next Wednesday to discuss the next steps for this site.

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