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Explosion in Medical Marijuana Plant

An explosion at a Medical Marijuana Plant in Fulton County sent 5 people to the Hospital. Emergency Responders from nearby Bedford and Huntingdon Counties were called to the scene. This occurred along North Hess Road in Waterfall, early Wednesday afternoon.

The Local Fire Chief tells us it happened inside an Incineration Room of the Medical Marijuana Plant around 1:30pm. 5 People were taken to the Hospital. The Fire Chief says 2 of those people were taken by helicopter. We understand they were taken to UPMC Altoona for burn treatment. The 3 others were taken by Ambulance to a Hospital in McConnelsburg.

Fulton County Emergency Management Director Brian Burton tells us Crews from 4 Counties were called in to help and State Police Fire Marshall will be investigating how this all happened. Burton adding: “Burn type injuries, the two that were flown had some burns, one that went by ground had a couple burns and there was two other ones that needed check out from the situation.”

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