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Expanding Health Care Services for Women

Changes were recently made at one of the Region’s major Healthcare Providers by adding more Health Care Services, specifically for Women.

Services like Gynecologic Surgery, Maternal Fetal Medicine and Reproductive Services could only be reached if Women made their way to big cities. Now, UPMC Altoona has aligned with UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to bring care closer for rural residents. Vice President for Patient Care Services at UPMC Altoona Stacey-Ann Okoth adding: “Women in our community can rest assured that they can get that same level of services that they get in Pittsburgh that they can get in our community. Which means they don’t have to drive two, two and a half hours away to get the care that they need.”

With this new partnership, Doctors will travel to patients in the Blair County area so women can receive top-notch care. Altoona resident and UPMC patient, Zeferina McKeown says this change helped her get to all of her prenatal appointments with more ease. Zeferina McKeown saying: “It would have been a complete nightmare to have to make every appointment out to Pittsburgh just the drive would have been terrible and with me being so far along in the pregnancy it would have been extremely uncomfortable. So to have Dr. Pisani only 10 minutes away from me instead of having to drive four hours round trip it’s been an absolute blessing.”

And for women enduring a high-risk pregnancy like McKeown these new services are not only about convenience but ensuring the best kind of care is given to mom and baby. McKeown adding: “It is life changing for my child. I just went through a miscarriage back in 2019 so whenever I came up pregnant with this one, I was extremely fearful that… that it was going to be the same thing with baby. And due to the level of care I have gotten, I feel confident that this baby has a 100% of a fighting chance of life.”

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