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Ex Mayor Arrested

Former Osceola Mills Mayor Ida Reams was arrested Monday Evening, after police say she fired a gun toward 2 boys while she was allegedly drunk.

Dylan Huberman spoke with the Clearfield County District Attorney to find out more information.

Court documents say Ida Reams fired a gun after seeing two people that she believed were acting suspiciously in the community food bank parking lot, while the two people say they were just playing Pokemon Go.

“She’s currently being housed in the Clearfield County Jail. She’s charged with, since there were 2 victims, 2 counts of aggravated assault, 2 counts of simple assault, terroristic threats, and some other summary offenses.”

District Attorney Sayers says the former Mayor was drinking, at the Osceola Mills VFW per the affidavit, prior to the entanglement.

“The defendant, she was at a local establishment, intoxicated when she left, and at that point, confronted them, things went sideways, which led to her discharging a firearm.”

But how did this spiral out of control?

“She was making allegations that they were potentially using drugs or something along those lines, questioning who they were and in return, they were saying ‘we don’t need to tell you, it is not important, we’re here (and I believe) playing Pokemon Go,’ because that’s one of the stops for that app and game.”

And while Reams is a well-liked person around these parts, Sayers doesn’t anticipate problems finding information about the incident.

“Obviously with any small town, anywhere in Clearfield County, or even in rural Pennsylvania, they’re tight-knit communities and people want to look out for their own, but we are talking about the discharge of a firearm in the vicinity of 2 victims in this case. I don’t think it’s a problem with people being quiet.”

We’ll keep you in the know as more information becomes available.

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