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EMS / Penndot on First Winter Storm

Winter Roads made their first appearance of the season today, causing a series of accidents on the highways throughout the morning as well as into this afternoon.

Dylan Hubermanspoke with Ms. And PennDot officials today and brings us more. It just seems like people need to get used to it for the first time of the year.

“You know, need to slow down and get used to how the new road conditions are. We drive and it’s nice all year long and then all of a sudden it’s icy and snowy and people just need to
slow down.”

Boasberg Assistant Fire Chief Greg Alter’s says slowing down is of the utmost importance, especially when first responders are working.

“Whenever things are slippery, it’s harder to slow down. You don’t go exactly where you think you’re going to go if you do hit the brakes fast. So you know when you see the lights,

when you see signs, things like that get slowed down, get moved over and, you know, be ready for what’s coming up.”

And Penndot says national supply chain disruptions haven’t impacted their supply of materials to assist in that department.

“Supply chain issues have not impacted us in that regard, so we have plenty of like salt and anti skid material available.”

However, as my colleague Douglas Braff explained this weekend, a bigger issue for first responders is their ability to respond while understaffed.

“We get out pretty quick on our first piece, but it’s the second and third pieces. If we need them that are slower getting out, you know, the more people we have, the faster we can be

Something PennDOT says they aren’t having to contend with.

“There are temporary personnel positions for winter that we have not filled yet, but we are still well above 50% of those temporary personnel. And so we are actually ahead in that
regard of where we were in 2020.”

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